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It is common knowledge the ability to shoot and maneuver in a rapid manner is of paramount importance on the battlefield. Speed in a changing environment is also important when using HF communications systems while near a combat zone.

Please contact me direct for this system. There are no third parties involved with this antenna.

The antenna is not a NEVIS system, it is designed for broad banded omni directional communications, and is a field deployable device. It has been classified under ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) by the US Government, thus any purchases must be approved by the US State Department. The photos are of the first generation. At this time, photographs are not distributed to the general population on this web page, thus for additional information, please contact Mike Malloy.

That being said, it will break down with-in 15 minutes or so, compressed to about 3.5 feet, weighs less than 20 pounds (15 kg) and can be used by airborne troops as an air dropable device, which will provide omni directional HF communications with only a 15 minute assembly time. As a further note, we have done studies comparing the receive strength of the antenna to a dipole resonant at a frequency right in the middle of the bandwidth of this antenna. We found that while tuning in a HF religious broadcast station and measuring S-Unit (receive strength) that this antenna is usually 3 to 6 S Units above a dipole


At this moment actual photographs are not published, because of the Patent application. The antenna has been significantly reduced in sized when compressed, down to around 3.5' (1.5 +/-) and will unfurl to about 17'.

Please contact us for more information about the antennas we offer, or to place your order.

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