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About Mike Malloy, and his true passion...

** Louis V. Bolling Memorial **

I love to shoot competitively and at one time while still in the Army Reserves I shot on the pistol team. Probably should have taken my shooting glasses off for this photo. However, they are a very important part of your gear. The glasses portion is ground in such a way that focus is sharpest right on the front sight, which is exactly where you want it. So I can keep nailing those X's. Hi.

The rifle I am holding is an Anschutz 1911 (1913 receiver & barrel group), prone rifle. However, I sent it off to Neal Johnson's Gunsmithing (retired) in Colorado and they took the 1911 stock off and refitted it with a 1907 stock so that I might practice off hand, rather than just prone.

I suppose that I have had a love affair with shooting all my life. Why exactly I don't know. It is not a very interesting sport to watch, and believe it or not shooting is 95% mental. The remaining 5% is the physical body standing there, but the actual work is the concentration on the front site, the proper technique to bring the trigger straight back, and hold, hold, hold for that follow through.

As the years roll by my interest in shooting has changed. In my younger years I was more interested in working on my pistol Distinguished Badge, with the 45 caliber service pistol. The preoccupation with high power target weapons was also fueled by the US Military. having spent 20 years as an Army Reserve Armor Officer (12A), placed demands on bullseye shooting with ball ammo shooting at paper targets.

Now that I am in my 60's, my interest has swung to my Anschutz 380 target (olympic level) air rifle. Most people are surpised to learn that shooting a precision target air rifle, or air pistol is much more difficult than shooting a 45 cal with hard ball ammo or a 308 round (rifle).

You may ask why? The reason has to do with the speed of the projectile, and how long it stays in the barrel before leaving the muzzle. A 308, 168 grain HPBT, travels about 2600 feet per second (fps). The time the projectile remains in the barrel is in nano seconds. However, a .177 caliber pellet designed for precision shooting at 10 meters (33 feet) is only traveling at approximately 600 fps. The chance that the shooter will move ever so slightly while the .177 caliber projectile is still in the barrel significantly increasing the pellet deflecting away from the 10 ring. You must know, the 10 ring for the 10 meter air rifle is a half a millimeter in size. It is a very small white dot, (see image) not a circle. in fact, it is about half the size of the period at the end of this sentence. The probablity of deflecting the shot to the 6 and 7 ring with a precision air rifle is high. Believe me, I am humilliated every day.

So now my interest lies in precision shooting at 10 meters and nothing more. I have fired every thing from machine guns, 105mm main gun tank rounds, .223,.308, claymore mines,M-60's, 50 cals, mortars, ets, but the thing that gives me the greates pleasure is trying to work my way into that half mm dot at the center of the 10 meter target. See you at the next Olympics!. Hi.

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